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eFoods Direct is here to help you with your emergency and long-term storable foods. Their delicious and highly nutritious foods have a shelf life up to 25 years and are easy to make, lightweight, and economical. Coupled with a eFoods Direct promo code, eFoods Direct can help you save big and plan ahead. With an eFoodsDirect coupon, you can save well, and eat well. These meals are prepared in 20 minutes or less and don't require anything besides water. eFoodsDirect sources ingredients from growers who follow Good Agricultural Practices and are GAP Certified. This means that they are audited frequently to ensure that they do not use harmful insecticides, pesticides or fertilizers during cultivation. eFoodsDirect has taken things a step further to get products Kosher Certified. Foods do not contain trans fats, hydrogenated oils, lactose, or added MSG . All products are lightweight and are packaged to take as little space as possible, and they all have a shelf life of up to 25 years. Perfect for busy and working parents, college students, camping trips, expeditions, humanitarian efforts, budgeters, victims of the poor economy, those who are preparation-oriented and health conscious, and any who want to get the best value for their money. Stop by for even more savings with, the latest eFoods Direct discounts, eFoods Direct promo codes, and eFoods Direct coupon codes. eFoods Direct offers shipping promos that change often. Stop by for the latest eFoods Direct shipping specials.