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In the current economy, shoppers have found that there are many ways to hold on to their hard-earned cash when making purchases. One of today’s most popular methods of saving money is by shopping online, using promo codes.

What are promo codes?

A promo code, or “promotional code,” is a series of letters and numbers that are associated with a consumer discount, often for marketing purposes. For example, many online stores, or e-tailers, give their frequent customers a code such as “GN84B” to receive free shipping or a 15% discount. Depending on the company, multiple codes may be used on a single online order.

There are 3 Types of Coupon Codes

  1. Public

    Discount codes that are available for anyone to use. These codes may be posted on an e-tailer’s website home page for everyone to see.

  2. Private

    Personalized codes that are targeted to specific shoppers. When a company offers private coupons, they will send multiple coupon codes to different users.

  3. Restricted

    These promo codes are limited to only one user.

Types of coupons

There are several types of coupons available for shoppers to use. Discount coupons offer a certain dollar or percentage amount off of a purchase. Free shipping coupons allow customers to make orders online without the added cost of shipping the item to their home or office. Promotional codes like those available at come in the form of a string of letters and numbers, which can be entered in a special field on a site’s checkout page. Grocery coupons are widely available through direct mail and at the entrance of a grocery store, attracting customers with offers of discounts on popular foods. Additionally, many companies send out printable coupons via email. These coupons make it easy for shoppers to print the coupons using their home printer and bring them into a brick and mortar store for redemption. Paper coupons may come in the mail, and are intended to be used either online or in a retail store. Gift certificates are available for purchase from many businesses so that shoppers may buy a certain dollar amount and give the certificates as gifts. Rebate coupons allow customers to purchase an item and then mail or email their promotion to a manufacturer to get money back.